Ibanez PGM100 in Jewel Blue 

Introduced by Ibanez in 1989 to 95, this was the initial signature model produced for guitarist Paul Gilbert as part of the Paul Gilbert series. It is based on the well respected RG770 and features the painted F-holes which would become a signature of the series.

DiMarzio pickups, a Wizard neck and the Edge tremolo.

one of the only two PGM models to feature a double locking tremolo,  the other being the budget model, the PGM300.

Dimarzio Paf Pro in the neck and bridge with a Dimarzio FS1 in the middle.

Very interesting guitar with amazing history, the guitar is an early PGM100 and was used and played by Paul Gilbert himself during the late 90’s.

We think it was a promotional guitar used for demo gigs and masterclass shows during the 90s.

The guitar was heavily road worn but with the added bonus of being signed and doodled on by Paul, we even have pictures of when the guitar was signed for authenticity.

The guitar then worked its ways into the hands of Dean Roberts, a notable North East guitarist who acquired the guitar form Gilbert himself.

We believe they met while touring during the late 90s, and shared some time together.

Dean is best known for being a long term member of new wave metal band, Tygers of Pan Tang and has held onto this guitar as one of his prized possessions for almost two decades before we acquired it directly from him.

Dean had some great tales linked to this guitar.

When we say road worn, we really mean it, this thing has been played.

Played within an inch of its life.

To be honest its had the life that most guitars dream of. Possibly played to sellout stadiums, a battle scarred veteran of many great gigs who knows it might even be on the odd recording here and there.

Proper blood sweat and tears.

Dean made a point of telling us what the distinctive two holes on the back were for.

Paul used to have the guitar on a revolving strap, fluffy guitar ZZTOP style.

But complain about it hitting him all the time, so swapped back to a normal set up.

So many things have gone onto this guitar that you just have to marvel that its still in one piece.

But heres the best bit

The thing sounds frigging amazing, we kid you not.

Truly stunning guitar to play, huge soundstage and volume and just nails it.

Paul has used used this pickup arrangement for several years and for good reason its so dam good, and still plays Dimarzios today.

Maybe its just the Mojo working its magic but you can practically feel the power oozing out of this guitar.

Currently enjoying her retirement in pride of place amongst some of the other more interesting guitars in the shop, and maybe one day someone will manage to whisk her away, but till then were dam proud to have her.

A truly fantastic bit of rock history.