A guitar is an incredibly personal thing so what works for one person won’t always work for everyone, we prefer to discus upgrades and setups on a one to one basis and are happy to go through the various options that are on offer.

Drop by the Shop and we have a few work horse guitars that we are happy to demonstrate different pickups and switching options that may be available, In addition folks are welcome to try different capacitor and neck options on one of our test rigs to fully tailor your sound.

With electric guitars we recognise that pickups are such an integral part of the sound that for most this is the single most important upgrade that money can buy.

In addition to the mainstream manufacturers we also have some very close ties to some very boutique pickup manufacturers and are very proud to offer handmade pickups from the likes of Ghost, Cream T and Crimson. Handmade and in very small batches.

Pickups that you simply will not find available from the bigger mainstream suppliers.

Tuner upgrades, nut and bridge upgrades, pickup selection through to bespoke switch options or all the way with onboard effects and kayos pads, were a one shop stop.
We can supply most parts for any upgrades, that are comically available at very competitive rates and are happy to simply sell parts or complete the work for you.
simply contact us with your requirements.