Unique Guitars has been born from a rather unhealthy guitar addiction that has spanned the best part of a life time.

This sounds clichéd, and is hard to believe, but were not actually in this just for the money!

Were in this because we have a lifelong obsession and passion for all things Guitar. More like enthusiasts who just happen to have some guitars around.

Very few things in modern culture have been as influential and awe inspiring as the sound of great guitar player and his trusty axe.
The ability to mesmerise, captivate and inspire others is astonishing, Its actually hard to believe that some bits of wood and some strings are able to transform mere men in to Gods!, But that’s the magic.

So what started as a hobby/obsession has grown out of control and taken form, in the wares and services available from Unique Guitars.

Simply; we hope you like what we do, and believe us when we say were in it for the ride.

As with many great things in life, its all about the experience.