At unique we like to do things a little different, and so we have a few options available.

We are very excited and proud to have one of the most interesting and hard working custom builders in the country amongst our close friends and have worked hard to build a great working relationship with the fantastic, Crimson Guitars.

Ben Crow and his team at Crimson have been building custom and bespoke instruments for the best part of 12 years and are at a pivotal point in their evolution now offering several factory option guitars alongside the core custom building options.

We are the first Scottish dealer able to offer Crimson guitars and are honoured to also be able to offer the, “Unique experience” when going through the process of ordering a bespoke Crimson Custom.

Not everyone has the ability to get down and meet with Ben and his team and so the option of going for a custom build without seeing anything in the flesh first is a bit of tall order.

However, that is where we come in. We’ll stock a range of Crimson Guitars in our shop for you to try out before hand, and if you’re interested in placing an order, we will walk you through every step of the build process and ensure that every option is looked at and discussed in depth and at detail to ensure you get the ideal instrument of your dreams.

Wood selection, neck shape, pickup, and switching options – all discussed in-house and face to face. Allowing us to get the specifications for your build 100% just right.

We even have neck options in the shop so you can try out and get a feel for what works best for you.

We will then oversee the build and ensure delivery in person with your Unique guitar.

Custom Relics

In addition to the exotic work form Crimson we also some offer a range of in house custom reliced guitars that may have humble beginnings but each one is then given the Unique touch.

These make for simply stunning stage and touring workhorse guitars, Players guitars that can be used and if necessary abused without worrying about breaking the bank or damaging a highly valued investment instrument.

The base guitar will start as a humble fender or epiphone, then we relic every part of it to your specification.

body contours, colours and the amount of distress are all optional.

The guitar can then be supplied as is complete, an even at this stage there quite good workhorses tailored to how you want it to look, however.

This is where the fun begins, take the stock guitar as is, or Spec every other component on it to your individual needs.

You select Tuners, pickups, pots, switching options, nut & bridge, saddle and jack options anything you can think of.

ending up with a one off relic that plays and sounds just the way you want.

these instruments were brought about to help bridge the gap from a relatively inexpensive guitar to the more bespoke custom work available, and also keeps our hand in as modifying and upgrading is one of the things we love doing.

However these instruments are modestly priced in comparison to a bespoke custom build, but none the less, still very Unique.