Gibson ES 335 1972 Cherry

Great sounding and playing 335, has had several mods along the way but nothing structural or integral to the character of the guitar. Keep in mind this guitar is pushing 50 so a players guitar of this age will almost certainly have a few upgrades and Repaires since it left the factory in 72. The variatione selector has been removed from the wiring loom. It’s been converted to a stop tail at some point and still bears the fade marks of the old floating bridge. Few other marks from old stickers and a bit of fade on the front compared to the back. Nothing too drastic for a guitar of this age.

Most would concede that the loss of the floating tail and the variatone are positive improvements to the sound at the cost of originality, but this bad boy has been prepped to be played not held as a museum piece. Players grade guitar in all its glory, but if you’re looking for a great sounding and playing 335 at very reasonable cash, Look no further.