1966 Fender Mustang in Daphne Blue

Fabulous little 66 mustang in great condition and full of history and Mojo.

Honest un modified Mustang complete with its great condition original hard case, previous owner has kept it in great condition, partly down to someone at one time placing a protective layer over the front and back. This has helped keep the front and back very well preserved and with very little fade. The odd ding here and there but for a 50+ guitar its an absolute gem.

Some fantastic patina in the lacquer, great ageing across the body and the neck, even the best Tom Murphy stuff simply doesn’t look as good as the real deal. TIME folks is a Wonderfull thing and there is simply no Substitute.

Personally we’d have a more honest naturally worn finish over the more unlikely pristine finish, any day. The centre of the guitar sports a band of more normal were & tear with years of road, blood, sweat, and tears. We’re sure it would clean up, but you really need to ask yourself,

“Why would you want to”

Its took a lot of effort to get this way and looks so friggin cool!

Mustangs hold a great spot in our heart, being form the Grunge generation this takes us back to a great time period With the likes of Kirt Cobain and John Frusciante being huge influences and this understated guitar forever carving a place in history. Sonically these things can go from smooth to snarling in an instant, they simply love high gain amps and with the light smooth action and great scale length are great to play. Lovely feeling rosewood board. Really comfy neck carve and just great fun.

Usual blurb.

Introduced just before the CBS takeover of Fender, the Mustang was part of a redesign of Fender’s line of student level guitars which included the Duo-sonic and Musicmaster. The Mustang offered somewhat more sophisticated electronics than earlier student guitars and also featured a 24-inch scale length. In its earliest era, the Mustang was available in a shorter 22 1/2-inch scale length, but these guitars are very uncommon. Since being discontinued in 1982, the Mustang has been reissued a number of times, and has found some popularity among alternative and indie rock players.

Years of Production: 1964 – 1982