Carvin Legacy 3 Steve Vai Signature Head


Amazing Amp, just brilliant sounding, and a lot more flexible than folks give them credit for. You don’t have to be Steve Vai to play one, it would probably help though, but not always required. This amp will cover absolutely everything from blues to metal and one lovely little minty green box of freshness. Christal clear cleans all the way to Balls out trowser flapping distortion channel and more gain than you will know what to do with.

Quality quality Amp with a lot of pro functionality, 3 individually Midi controllable charnels that gives a lot of Tone options. Incredible Gain boost with a very sensitive presence control. Thease ¬†amps really show the difference in the source instriment, easily pick out characteristics in tones from woods and pickups and you can really hear the natural differences in each guitar with great separation and definition. Anyway don’t take our word for it go check out the reviews.

We currently have two amps on offer, both from the same previous owner who used one as his main gigging rig and the other for back up. one in limited edition mint green and the second in the more standard cream finish. Both Amps had been used to play Wembley by the previous owner, so if its good enough to play Wembley stadium its good enough for us. Honestly great Amps that you just don’t see so often these days.

They also glow a ¬†difrent colour for each channel which probably has limited benefits like knowing what channel your in before you start playing, but looks amazing. You’ll have the crowds mesmerised like moths around a flame.