Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, USA Made FAT amp

Nice condition Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, from around the start of 1999.

Probably the best selling Amp Fender ever produced, this one is in great shape and is all original. One of the more desirable USA made amps unlike the modern ones that are made in Mexico.

twin channel amp, with great Fender cleans and then steps up to the dirty channel.The gain Chanel features an  overdrive boost button that pushes the gain characteristics right in to the metal – sphere never mind the stratosphere

Original foot-switch included and just given the once over from the Amp shop. These amps have great warm sound, fantastic reverb and brilliant switchable lead overdrive sound. Great for blues/jazz/country or rock.

There a few things that just need to be right, quality Guitars need quality Amps, and don’t skimp on cabling. Were forever advising folks on why that expensive custom guitar and eye-watering Boutique amp just don’t sound right. No wonder when you find a £10 guitar lead and dodgy patch cables. Don’t skimp on the basics, the rewards are overwhelming.

Its the same philosophy with all the Amps we deal with, quality products and uncompromising approach to maintaining tonal quality. All Unique Guitar Amps come fully serviced from our own in-house Amp repair shop, backed with our full money back guarantee. We’re also on hand to give recommendations and advise when selecting new or second hand amplifiers.

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