Marshall JCM800 100w Combo 4211

On offer a early 1984 100w JCM 800 4211 2×12 combo. Identical to the desirable 2210 100w head but slung upside down in the combo. Crushingly loud amp and just nails all the quintessential Marshall sounds form blues, rock to balls out thrash. lets be honest it won’t do Fender or Mesa cleans……..but then it wasn’t meant too. Then theres the argument its a one trick pony as they don’t really do clean, but ……..and theres a BIG BUT….. They do Marshall.

Awesome sounding amp, one of the true great Marshall tone monsters, and one of the first marshal split channel master volume amps, very underestimated. One point about all Marshall 100w heads, they just sound insane when you get the chance to crank them up. Not quite geared up for bedroom use. However if you have the space and neighbours that won’t get you arrested for noise offences this is an absolutely blinding amp. The more the volume go’s up the more rewarding it sounds. JCM’s are amazing with pedals and overdrive very well. One of our favourite amp models.

There a few things that just need to be right, quality Guitars need quality Amps, and don’t skimp on cabling. Were forever advising folks on why that expensive custom guitar and eye-watering Boutique amp just don’t sound right. No wonder when you find a ¬£10 guitar lead and dodgy patch cables. Don’t skimp on the basics, the rewards are overwhelming.

Its the same philosophy with all the Amps we deal with, quality products and uncompromising approach to maintaining tonal quality. All Unique Guitar¬†Amps come fully serviced from our own in-house Amp repair shop, backed with our full money back guarantee. We’re also on hand to give recommendations and advise when selecting new or second hand amplifiers.

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