Eden Amplification World Tour 330 Time Traveler Bass Head

Great tone, small and light, excellent preamp, and clean power. Hitting the “Warm” button is supposed to emulate a tube pre. It’s not bad at all, works well with tube pre’s, It’s not going to get overdriven/warm fuzzy tube sound by itself, but plenty of warmth and fattness in the lows, retains the Eden signature sound, etc.

The eq section only has a single midrange knob (switchable between 550Hz and 2.2kHz), so not as much mid-tone shaping as other WT models. On the plus side there’s less to mess with, and running the eq pretty flat is generally the way to go anyway. A click or two does a lot to your tone to add presence in a band mix (also seems to be a great place to boost for fretless). The “Enhance” knob is used to dial in more modern/slap tones. And it has bass and treble boost buttons, to use in low volume situations. This is a great head for a wide range of applications.

There a few things that just need to be right, quality Guitars need quality Amps, and don’t skimp on cabling. Were forever advising folks on why that expensive custom guitar and eye-watering Boutique amp just don’t sound right. No wonder when you find a ¬£10 guitar lead and dodgy patch cables. Don’t skimp on the basics, the rewards are overwhelming.

Its the same philosophy with all the Amps we deal with, quality products and uncompromising approach to maintaining tonal quality. All Unique Guitar¬†Amps come fully serviced from our own in-house Amp repair shop, backed with our full money back guarantee. We’re also on hand to give recommendations and advise when selecting new or second hand amplifiers.

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