Levinson Blade R4 in Honey Gold 1990

Hottest Blade we’ve come across, and its an early one.

Early Levingston Blades are made to exceptional quality and are incredible sounding and playing guitars.

This is no exception.

This Blade has had a great deal of money spent on it over the years and its been modified extensively from original.

That said this is a very early model and would have been one of the pre factory guitars.

Levinson started production guitars in 87, and the original Blade R4s were produced form 88 to 92.

This R4 dates from 1990 and is finished in a stunning honey with Gold hardware.

The ageing of time has just made this more stunning over time.

Ageing has improved the finish and also worked its magic over the sound, and thats something that you just can’t buy in modern guitars.

That said this has had extensive mods that have worked amazingly well.

Early Seymour Hot stack in the neck and middle with a Hot rail bucker in the bridge.

Great pickup combination and quite unlike any other strat in the shop, combined with the funky frequency cut that all the R4 had, to truly tailor the sound for the player.

PRS trem fitted and custom switching options that offer a stunning array of sounds.

Mirrored scratch-plate and the jack socket moved from the standard position to the rear.

Ash body and a stunning feeling maple neck and top quality Ebony board, docent get much better.

Fantastic, and you simply fall in love the second this thing gets cranked up.

Creamy clean bluesy tones all the way through to crushing crunch.

One of the finest strat style guitars available.

This guitar may not be a museum piece but it has lived a full life and has a huge amount of character.

Plays like butter and is simply a joy to behold.