Beautifully crafted and constructed boutique Speaker cabs from Hoffnine.

Stunningly transparent and moving speakers, that have redefined our benchmark in speaker cabs, We have a small range of brand new Legends for sale in the shop, currently two 1 x12 cabs with stunning Greenback and Red back Celestions, rated at 16Ω 100w and 30w respectively. In addition we have a 2 x 12 Cab with a mixed speaker combination again exclusively Celestion drivers that just gives stunning results. A deep and powerful 12″ driver for Bass and punch complimented with a different 12″ driver picked to add definition and sparkle. The combined result is simply stunning, honestly to our ears these cabs blow the competition out the water. Unbelievable value that simply destroy cabinets costing two and three times the price. Each cab is made to order from 18mm Birch ply, with  your personal choice in material and Tolex finishes. Prices start at £300 and move up dependent on speaker and finish options, Typical 2×12 would be around the £450 mark.

We think there some of the best cabs you can buy, regardless of cost and at this price there practically a steal, hence they are the only new cabs we would recommend and stock. We pride ourselves on sound quality and  tone above all, and these do exactly what they say on the Tin.

We work with Hoffnine directly, we pay the same price you do and your welcome to go to them direct. They sound that good that we don’t care who you buy them from as long as you give them a go. We have Cabs in stock and also get preferential treatment on build slots and delivery times, so we can sometimes be quicker than ordering direct, but thats about it. Its just the way we roll, there great cabs and we are just proud to stock the best sounding cabs we can.