Gibson Les Paul Classic 60s Reissue 2003 Cherry Sunburst.


The Classics were a, “tip of the hat” to the olde 60’s standards, basically a  reissue of a 1960’s les Paul standard and not to be confused with the modern day Gibson Classic.

This example is over 15y old and with very little play ware.

Great sounding pickups, that make these stand out a little form the normal Les Paul sound. We think the sound is a bit more open than the standard burst buckers and also with a bit more definition, treble and crunch over a std, a refreshing change from the more familiar sound of a Les Paul.

2003 Classics came fitted as standard with the very underestimated  496R and a 500T pickups (which are the hottest pickups Gibson makes) they both have a ceramic magnet so have quite a different character.

Fast and comfy slim 60’s neck which we prefer over the standard 50s or modern neck 60s carve of the time.Also fitted with the infamous greenish pearl fret board markers (you either love em or hate em)

Overall very good condition, great sounding and playing Les Paul. Great cherry sunburst finish.