Jeff Beck Tribute Blond Reliced Telecaster

A Unique Guitars home brew relic, specially commissioned to showcase some of our own unique work and ideas. A homage to the famous Jeff Beck contoured Blond telecaster, with our own dash of hot sauce, and a considerably cheaper option to the £10K Fender version.

At the shop we like playing and modifying guitars, this is one of our own creations and can be commissioned to look and sound just like this one or be completely customised to your specification. Everything’s an option from the contoured body down to paint colours and amount of distress.

All at a very affordable price point. The specifications are only limited by your imagination everything else is up for grabs. You think it we’ll do it. The basic guitars starts at around £600 to £700 and additional costs are dependent solely on spec.

Word of Warning,

Don’t order if you expect instant delivery. We only have a few examples in the shop as demos, everything else is cooked freshly to order.

 These Guitars originally started out as affordable Chinese Fenders or Epiphone’s, Telecaster and Les Pauls and are then transformed and aged to our liking. We offer the same work on US Gibson and Fenders, but this is priced a bit more aggressively and is only for the truly dedicated customer, who just can’t rest until his axe is personalised and modified to their exact liking. US models are all priced individually based on sourcing the correct guitar to start the transformation.

The example we have on offer at the moment is in homage to the famous Jeff Beck Blond Tele.

This stunning example is hand finished to our specification with an individual road worn Gold and Blond reliced finish, Contoured body cut into upper and  rear of the body that transforms the feel of this humble tele. A little Unique Voodoo also thrown in the mix regarding the pickups and wiring. This bad boy also features a stunning set of Cream T, “Twanger” pickups hand wound by Thomas Nelson of Cream T, these pickups share a very rare bloodline, they come from the exact same 1st batch of, ” Twanger” pickups he made and are identical twins to the set Thomas supplied for Keith Richards of the Stones.

The sister set now resides in Keith’s Gloria Telecaster, fitted during the 2014 world tour.

So if its good enough for Keith, then its good enough for us.

Finished in a 60’s style logo with top and rear loader plate with nice vintage brass bridge. Looks and sound UNIQUE !