Gibson Les Paul Custom Zakk Wylde signature Bull’s-eye

Great condition 2006 Bull’s-eye, few very minor marks but still in collectors condition. This guitar has only had two owners from new since 2006, until we picked it up a few years back. The last owner did gig her very sparingly, but it’s obvious this guitar was the guys pride and joy, so it’s been well looked after.

The original owner cherished it and it was basically held it as a case queen, the original guy was so stoked to get it he refused to have it shipped. So flew out and collected it in person from the Gibson factory and handballed it back home.              No mean feat once you’ve felt the weight.

Very few minor marks and minimum play ware for its age, the gold is still good on this one and only shows very little tarnishing. All the others I’ve handled suffer from the gold aging and tarnishing this one is by far the cleanest I’ve found.

The ebony board and maple neck are fantastic to play and a real departure from the normal Les Paul. Fast playing neck and the stripped back finish is a pure JOY to play.

This is a great example and I guarantee you will struggle to find one in better condition, plays great and has attack and response that only a proper active EMB 81/85 can muster.

The power out this thing is like a tsunami it can be harsh, but it wasn’t built with subtlety in mind, it was built to go absolutely foot to the floor flat out, and in that respect it dose it very well.

Harmonic response is stunning and the sheer power and rawness makes this quite unique in the Gibson line up. Now out of production from Gibson and Zakk’s own brand has taking off.


This guitar is not for the faint hearted and is without doubt the heaviest Les Paul I have ever held. Arms like Popeye and a spine reinforced with titanium are required to wield this bad boy, I truly think the body is filled with lead. (I’m Joking)

However if your man enough to compete with Mr Wylde and take it on, It simply crushes the opposition and anything else that gets in the way. (more like Thor’s Hammer than a guitar). This and a JCM 800 are a formidable force,  it’s an incredibly different Less Paul that wont appeal to everyone, but in the right hands this thing is an absolute weapon of a guitar.

 The Bulls-eye design is particularly lovely on this one, I’ve seen a few where the positioning of the circles hasn’t been as nice, but this colour scheme is a personal favourite of ours.

If we keep her, she’s got a reinforced beam to perch on, “she’s just that dam pretty”. A fantastic example that will not disappoint.