79 Fender Stratocaster Natural Finish, born in the Fullerton plant 1978 – 1979

Natural body with black scratch plate.


Great playing example form this era, and simply blows the socks off any re-issue.

why by a new re-issue for the same cash as you can get the real thing, I could never understand the logic in that.

Rosewood board and original frets, still in good shape and no fret work required, worn in to perfection.All original parts except for the hard tail bridge, that’s been swapped for a rather nice Kahler trem.

Original wiring and pots.

Chunky 70’s profile and feels particularly nice on this example.

Fenders quality control is a bit up and down during this period, but this one is a dream. The guitar was originally a hard tail that has had the addition of an original early 80’s Kahler, a fantastic trem in my opinion.

Original Kahler’s are fetching good prices on their own these days, so consider it a freebie with this purchase.

 The great thing with the Kahler is that they have a smaller footprint compared to a typical fender or Floyd trem. You don’t need to take a massive cutout through the guitar to house the springs and block. So what you get is a far more organic hard tail sound. Better sustain and resonance, as the guitar body hasn’t had a great big hole cut in it.

More wood, more energy transfers through the body.

Fantastic playing and sounding 3 bolt Strat with a  great trem. Players grade and in great condition for the year. plays and sounds just like it should.

Get into the neck pickup on this thing, and your straight into electric lady land. Heaven!


Awesome little Strat.