Marshall JCM 800 50w Head

Amps Amps Amps,

We love old Marshalls, whether you love or hate them, no one can deny they basically redefined the rock guitar sound.

JCM 800’s were our bread and butter growing up, and although there are many more modern, versatile,  boutique Amps available that are way easier to live with than these beasts. Theres something about these old girls that is unmistakably, what can we say…………….. MARSHALL!!!!!!!!

On offer a late 80s 50watt split channel 2205 head in great condition, beast of an amp and really gets going a good bit before the 100w versions. Not quite as much head room as the 100w heads, but then some prefer this as you can get that great Marshall sound without quite the earth shattering volume of a 2210 head. These Amps love being pushed on the front end of the preamp and  just love pedals, especially overdrive. Don’t just take our word for it, pop in and have a go………….if your hard enough!!!!!

There a few things that just need to be right, quality Guitars need quality Amps, and don’t skimp on cabling. Were forever advising folks on why that expensive custom guitar and eye-watering Boutique amp just don’t sound right. No wonder when you find a £10 guitar lead and dodgy patch cables. Don’t skimp on the basics, the rewards are overwhelming.

Its the same philosophy with all the Amps we deal with, quality products and uncompromising approach to maintaining tonal quality. All Unique Guitar Amps come fully serviced from our own in-house Amp repair shop, backed with our full money back guarantee. We’re also on hand to give recommendations and advise when selecting new or second hand amplifiers.

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