PRS Custom 24 Artist Pack in Tortoiseshell 

Simply stunning Custom 24 Artist pack. For those not failure with artist pack consider it above 10 top and a stack more cash on the already hefty price tag back in the day.

This little beauty is a great sounding PRS with lots of character and very open sound, stunning rich warm clean sound.

Wide and thin neck carve and one of the best ever PRS pickup configurations, with a Hot Fat Screaming in the neck and a Vintage in the base.

Very responsive and articulate retaining a very punchy and raw frequency response.

Incredible for harmonics and sustain.

Originally factory setup on 9s, and the truss rod set up is perfectly, great low fast feeling action.

Great playing and sounding twenty four, this one is absolutely drop dead gorgeous to boot, Stunning is an understatement, complete with original case, keys and  case candy.

Excellent condition overall and very small marks here and there, nothing to write home about.

Very slight swirling on the back mainly on the trem cover.

A guitar sounding this good begs to be played and considering she’s 10 years plus, a little wear and tear is to be expected.

Nothing however detracts from how good this guitar is.