Rickenbacker 360 V64 JetGlo (1993 USA) AMAZING CONDITION!

Rickenbacker 360  in JetGlo finish / serial number: D6 8092 (made in the U.S.A in April 1993) with Rick-O-Sound output. Shark fin inlays, toaster pickups, incredibly clean and original condition.

One of the proper discontinued Rickenbacker reissues, There are plenty ordinary Rickenbacker’s out there, but theres a lot less of these bad boys.

A reissue of the 1964 Deluxe model with old style sharp body contour.Dual mono jacks with the Ric-O-Sound, solid maple semi hollow double bound body construction with through body construction neck. 

Discontinued in 2001 so value should rise steadily and makes a sound investment..Not to mention they just look and feel way cooler than the normal smaller rounded bodies.The quality in these instruments is also excellent, something that simply cant be said for all eras of Rick construction.Honestly, one of the most authentic reissues of a proper 60s Rickenbacker we’ve found.The guitar is over 25 years old now and is in pristine condition. It plays like a dream, the neck is clean and smooth and the tone is simply beautiful. It has been well loved and looked after.Doubt it’s ever been gigged, and in our opinion it looks like it’s never  been out a house.The last owner used it in a home studio set up for several years until it arrived with us. So looks like a Proper case Queen thats only ever been used in a home studio environment.The only visible wear is some very light swirling (buckle rash) on the back of the guitar but these marks are so subtle they struggle to even show in the photos.Top notch showroom condition. The neck, headstock and front are both in near pristine condition with zero fret wear.This guitar is sold with its original silver Rickenbacker hard case also in superb condition. All the original case candy, including maintenance manual, cleaning cloth, Allen keys and accessories.

Very, very clean and rare, sough after 64 reissue.