Fender Stratocaster 1963 Pre CBS Olympic White

WOW! what can we say

There is simply no substitute for the real deal. Pre CBS 1963 Strat thats just dripping in action, amazing patina and sounds incredible. The guitar has been left as found, other than strings, fretboard clean and nourish. You either like them down right dirty or prim and proper, theres no real in-between, we preferred to take him as is, warts an all. We think he looks better for it.

The boss once cleaned up a 60s Tele. Deep clean getting all the grime and nicotine off, and cleaning and polishing within an inch of his life. Afterwards he was never happy with it, he claims  “the grit ads a certain character and soulfulness”, so as far as he’s concerned it adds flavour. He’s always a bit more considerate when anything this age passes through the shop. So he advocates leaving them as is until the new owner decides. Don’t tell him but he might actually be right on this one.

Whitey has certainly seen some action in his time and Im sure he could tell a tail or two. Looks like original finish and has had very few bits tinkered with.Three way selector has been replaced with a 5 way, early 70s 5 way but other than that he’s pretty much original condition and just oozes Mojo.

Neck has had a some light work at the heal and has been cleaned up at some point to get a better neck pocket fit. Well set up and plays like a dream, nut has seen some attention and has been off and on at some point, slots are cut to perfection but someones been a little happy with the glue at some point, but easily cleaned if thats your thing.

More importantly he hasn’t been messed with or refinished, what you see is what you get, a simply stunning playing sounding Pre CBS Strat. I know a, ‘Strats a Strat” I hear folks cry, but honestly once you’ve played some of these beasts you get a real appreciation  of how different they actually sound.

The attack and power in the pickups is truly stunning, instant power, incredibly detailed and very articulate. To be honest you cant hide behind mush or fuzz with this bad-boy. you can hear every delicate touch and subtle nuance in the string. A Truly joyful experience, the last guy playing whitey was so stoked he just couldn’t put it down, we practically had to prise it out of his hands. To be honest when no ones around, we tend to do the same. Its quite a hard guitar to resist.

Hendrix era start  in original condition with original case, pickups and hardware…

Exactly what we thought