Takamine EF508c vn  Early 90s

Medium to pro model from the early 90s Takamine era, this was when Takamine lead the way in acoustics for quality and playability.  Definitely not like the more so so modern non Japanese made guitars.

Takamine still make fantastic models today, but you can’t confuse this stuff with the cheaper G range and the likes. The quality and sound performance from these instruments is stark in comparison.

Great comfy feeling guitar easy to play and has the traditional treble and sustain associated with Takamine. Very smooth, but when provoked can have some serious bite.

If you yearn for typical Taylor sound then Takamine might not be for you, Takamine  are  far more treble biased, but to be honest I generally find there character more pleasing than Taylor of Martin, but everybody ears are different. Regardless of  personal preference this is a great playing and sounding guitar. Excellent condition, fantastic action, plays like a dream. Fantastic sound.

Excellent condition, few marks here and there but holding up amazingly well for 20 years plus.

One things acoustic benefit from, is time.

The usual blurb.

The EF508C-VN features Takamine’s NEX cutaway body style and marries a top grade solid cedar soundboard to mahogany back and sides. Striking instrument antique gloss finish, ornate rosette and inlay  a nice understated inlay at the 12th. A 3-band graphic equaliser easy to use and effective at shaping the character and  tone.

Perfect guitar for live gigging

Comes with original Takamine hard case