Epiphone Les Paul Bone Yard (Joe Perry signature model) Tiger Finish

This little axe is shooting way above its weight and they are incredibly rare to get your hands on.

We simply love this model some argue its one of the best custom shop Epiphone’s ever made. So you’ll have to excuse us if we go on a bit.

Very distinctive both visually and sonically.

This guitar is in great condition, with NO visible surface marks on the back of the body, no dents, scratches or dings. The neck has that great chunky ’50s feel that we love. The neck is what we would call a ‘proper Les Paul neck’, with a nice C profile and medium depth. Les Paul’s somehow never seem right when the neck is skinny – like an American muscle car with a tiny engine.

The hum-buckers are Gibson not Epiphone as per Joe’s specs, giving the rhythm tone some extra “oomph” to the low end. A pair of genuine USA-made Gibson Burstbucker pickups – a model 2 at the neck and a slightly hotter 3 at the bridge – harnesses all that tone potential.

Neck pickup is wired out of phase and you’ll find that the in-between setting is wired out of phase, Peter Green-style. They also have a open unpotted style.

Topping it all off is the beautiful piece of maple that makes this Boneyard Les Paul very distinctive, and looks way above its price point.

Go for a Gibson and your looking at the thick end of £3500, this Epi is just about as rare and is a fraction of the price, yet maintains a very similar character. The matt finish is quite different from the Gibson counterpart and is probably the most noticeable difference.

The tops on the Epiphone’s aren’t quite as high end as the Gibson counterparts, but don’t get us wrong there stunning all the same.

Joe’s ideas about what his Signature Model guitar should be. The Joe Perry Model from the Epiphone Custom Shop, with its unique Green/Orange Tiger finish and “Boneyard” logo and “Joe Perry” engraved on truss rod cover.

Hardshell case included