PRS Custom 24 20th Anniversary model Artist Pack in Translucent Amber

On offer an increasingly rare bird, getting very difficult to get hold of these days.

2008 20th Anniversary Custom 24 in amber, Birds in flight inlays and finished to Artist pack specification. For those not failure with artist pack consider it above 10 top and a stack more cash on the already hefty £3k. This particular model probably retailed in the reagin of £4200 / £4500 almost 10 years ago. Not an inconsiderable sum for a custom 24.

What can we say, other than not all PRS’s are created equal.

The average PRS is a great guitar, attention to detail, innovation and top notch quality.

Generally far superior quality standards than the likes of Gibson and Fender.

However some folks recon the sound is a little benign, not quite Gibson nor Fender enough, but somewhere in-between, A contentious matter of opinion depending on what side of the fence you find yourself in. Wether or not the PRS sound is for you is really is a matter of personal preference, but theres no denying PRS has actually managed to find his own voice, something thats no mean feet in todays richly diverse market.

However theres also another truth, that even amongst the normal PRS’s you occasionally stumble across something very special indeed.

This little beauty is a particular favourite and probably the best sounding PRS we ever stumble across, boy dose it sing.

Standard neck carve and one of the best ever PRS pickup configurations, with a hot fat screening in the neck and a vintage in the base. These pickups sound almost un-potted, very open, incredibly responsive and articulate retaining a very punchy and raw frequency response.

Incredible for harmonics and resonance, as a result they can be a bit susceptible to electrical noise so don’t play next to a dimmer switch! Thats the trade off with open sounding pickups.

Originally factory setup on 9s, and truss rod set up is perfectly, great low fast feeling action.

Personally this is one of the finest sounding PRS’s we’ve heard. Its one of the most rewarding sounding and playing guitars in the shop, and its got some fairly strong competition.

Neck feels super smooth and fast and is the more standard neck carve and quite different form the thin and wide version.

So as well as playing and sounding amazingly well, this one is absolutely drop dead gorgeous to boot, Stunning is an understatement.

Top and sides are unmarked but, it has some very slight buckle rash on the back mainly on the trem cover but a little bit into the body as well. A guitar sounding this good simply begs to be played and considering she’s nearly 10years old a little wear and tear is to be expected.

Very light were and won’t detract one bit form how good this guitar is.