1982 Gibson Moderne Korina in Natural Finish

Rare Gibson Moderne, unique opportunity. Never mind rare Gibson Les Pauls, reissue,R8, R9 etc. For something really different with the Gibson badge here’s the real deal and a real rare gem. Korina body and three-piece Korina neck with a wonderful medium-to-thick profile. Black-faced headstock with gold “Gibson” logo and a unique four screw string-guide assembly.

One of the rarest Gibson production runs ever made, next to the holy grail, fabled originals.

The Gibson Moderne was originally designed and invented by Ted McCarty, President of Gibson Guitar Corporation through the golden age of electric guitars from 1950-1966. The debate whether these guitars ever really existed has been going on for decades and even if they did,  an original 1957 guitar has never appeared. However Gibson Re-issued the Moderne in limited numbers in 1982, so here’s your chance for a piece of guitar and rock mythology.

You either love them or hate them, but one thing’s for sure this guitar is a rock monster. Surprisingly well balanced and has a killer neck carve and fantastic low action. Save the best for last, incredible pickups, Tim Shaw pickups we believe but man they sound good. Sustain in abundance and some serious hot sauce under the covers.

Amazing guitar from top to bottom. Only blemish on this otherwise 100% mint example are 3 small checkmarks in the lacquer, but for a guitar that’s over 35 years old we truly believe this to be one of the best remaining example you are likely to find anywhere in the world.

This particular guitar is documented in the Book, “Gibson Moderne the holy grail of vintage guitars” by author Ronald Lynn wood. A copy of the book is included in the sale. Trashy Guitar pulp fiction, but a great read all the same.

We love this guitar, it took a huge amount of time and effort to get it and to be honest the wait was worth it. It has been a pleasure to get up, close and personal to such a rare beast. Especially when the hype is true, they are fantastic guitars.

Check out the folklore on these guitars, it’s a brilliant way to spend a few days researching one of the most infamous guitars that perhaps never was. Do your homework and then decide for yourself.

As for us were on the real side, there’s a certain bearded BFG who folks recon has one of the originals and the late Ted McCarty was on the record saying they made about a dozen or so back in 57. So if it’s good enough for the REV and Ted its good enough for us.

So regardless  whether you’re a believer or not, this 82 is probably as close as us real mortals are ever likely to get to a great bit of guitar history.

P.S. its an absolutely killer axe to boot.